Last Thoughts For The Year


It’s December 2019 and you’re looking back to this time a year ago.  You have a happy and contented glow about you, and if you’re honest, you’re both relieved and invigorated at what you’ve achieved in the last 12 months, not to mention grateful for the changes made.  Though the time has sped past, you’re proud of what you managed to effect and you marvel at the difference a year can make.

You pull out the piece of paper you drew on in December 2018 and look over it.  You achieved almost everything you wrote out there and the things you didn’t achieve changed once you got on the journey for 2019 anyway.  You set out to make some changes, but you couldn’t have foreseen how much it would mean for you to make them or what they would set in motion.

In December 2018, you took out a clean piece of A4 Bond paper and you drew a circle on it.  You divided it up into the 8 common areas that the Wheel of Life is generally divided up into and you shaded them in according to how complete you felt each slice of life currently was.  This gave you an idea of how balanced or unbalanced things were at that stage.

Then, you wrote out one change you’d like to make in each area by the same day in December 2019.  Perhaps one or two were small changes that had escaped you in 2018 but that you were aware needed to be made.  Perhaps there were one or two biggies that felt more like New Year’s Resolutions and that you doubted your ability to stick to and achieve.  You knew they’d be life altering if you managed and now here you are….looking back and feeling powerful.

You take out a fresh sheet and you redraw the circle.  You shade in new areas and feel your sense of achievement reflected in the new balance that you see within that circle.  Your family is happier.  Your relationships are more healthy.  YOU are more healthy.  Your finances are more stable.  Your career has changed shape and advanced, and you feel spiritually connected to it all.  You’re pretty sure this is all somehow the result of the new attitude you set and the personal growth you undertook.  Or have the changes in the other areas been the reasons you’ve grown and that your attitude is so different?  Who knows which way round these things work…

What you DO know is that you’re grateful you took the time for YOU in December 2018, considered where you were and the one change you’d like to make in each area of your life within the next year.  You’re grateful you stuck to it.  You deserved it!  You deserved the serenity and quiet sense of power and achievement it’s brought you and you’ll do it again each year moving forward.

by Christen Killick

December 10th, 2018

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