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Archive for April 2019

How Responsible is Too Responsible?

Responsibility is a spectrum – meaning there’s a line ranging from completely irresponsible all the way to destructive over-responsibility… and all of us are on it somewhere.  We all know that personal responsibility is something we start to learn early in life – brush your teeth, make your bed, represent yourself well, be nice to…

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GRATITUDE – Occasionally, (Often), We Just Need to Pause

It’s Easter Monday, and around the world Christians are celebrating the resurrection of Christ.  This Easter Monday, I feel a powerful sense of gratitude, and I’m driven to sit in that and write about it for a bit.  I’m blessed to have enough diversity in my family and friends to know that spiritual gratitude comes in…

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The Big Picture – Direction, Clarity, Energy

I had the pleasure and privilege a few weeks back of sitting in on a flight test in an Airbus 320 simulator and flying an approach to landing myself.  Because it was a flight test, and was conducted in a simulator, the crew had flown us through take-offs and approaches in every kind of bad…

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Fairness, Equality and Recognition

Isn’t it funny how, when you start to focus on one thing, more of it seems to come?  When you’re pregnant, all you see are other pregnant women.  When you’re lusting after a particular car, everyone but you seems to have one.  When you’re irritated by something, you’re met with it everywhere!  It’s known as…

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Whether You Win or Lose, Lead or Follow, Be Humble.

I’ve spent many hours over the last weeks talking with corporate teams about the values we aspire to and agree on within those teams – the values that form our team culture and that strengthen our ability to work together and be successful.  These agreed upon team values are the foundation of how we treat…

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