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Working Together – The Generational Gap

My focus today is at the intersection of three of my favourite subjects: change, perspective, and the unique strengths we all bring to the table. Change is no longer something that happens.  It’s something that’s happen-ING… and one of the biggest changes happening in our teams currently is the dynamic between managers and their teams…

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#5 The Challenges of Leadership – Guiding Change

We’ve come to the 5th Leadership Challenge in our 6 part series – the challenge of Guiding Change.  According to William A. Gentry, Regina H. Eckert, Sarah A. Stawiski, and Sophia Zhao’s whitepaper on the subject, guiding change is described as managing, mobilizing, understanding, and leading change.  It includes knowing how to mitigate consequences, overcome…

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3 Great Q4 Questions To Ask

Here it is!  It’s here!  The first day of Q4 – the last quarter of 2018.  It sneaks in like any other Monday….and before you know it, it’ll be Friday again.  And then November.  And then we’ll be talking about that illusive December shutdown that promises to punctuate the end of the year and give…

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Step 3 – Growth

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing what it means to really be “open for business“, and we’re now on Step 3 of the 5-Step Process to Building a Powerhouse Team.  COMMUNICATION CONNECTION GROWTH   We’ve looked at the what and how of Communication, and 3 Essential Layers of Connection that you have the opportunity to make…

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PAUSE – and read this.

I’m often asked which, of all the Communication Tools I teach, is my favourite. If there’s one that I couldn’t do without, it’s The Pause. Now there are poems written about taking time to smell the roses etc, and I’m all for finding those moments to be present and appreciative of the world as it…

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Are You Taking Your Team With You This Year?

We’re coming to the end of the first week of the year.  What….?  Yup.  January 2018 is upon us and threatens to run off like a herd of wild horses dragging us by the ankle unless we can get a hold of the reigns!  I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for this year. …

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8 Common Problems Teams Encounter

Harvard Business Review’s Answer Exchange lists EIGHT problems that teams encounter: Absence of team identity.Members may not feel mutually accountable to one another for the team’s objectives. There may be a lack of commitment and effort, conflict between team goals and members’ personal goals, or poor collaboration. Difficulty making decisions.Team members may be rigidly adhering to their…

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Six Differences Between Change and Innovation

Change and innovation are not synonyms, but unfortunately these terms are mistakenly used in practice by professionals and business leaders as if they are the same. By doing so, it creates just more confusion and uncertainty about which way to go. Simply because the essence, the process and outcomes of change and innovation are fundamentally…

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