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Archive for June 2018

Friday thoughts – feed this in and let it percolate:

Many of the conversations we have these days would have had our grandparents shaking their heads.  Whether they were happy and fulfilled in their work wasn’t something they gave much weight to.  It seems a flighty consideration, and yet today, much hinges on it.  Do we bounce out of bed filled with passion and inspiration,…

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Managing Monday.

Where to start? With any luck, you were able to take a breath over the weekend – to do at least something that recharges you and allows you to order your brain.  My Mother has a Garfield fridge magnet that says “Monday coming. Abort! Abort!”, and I know that going into the next week can…

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Are you feeling TGIF?

If you’re feeling TGIF (Thank goodness it’s Friday), then perhaps you need to consider your strengths, purpose and fulfilment over the weekend. Regardless of the facts and data we live by; regardless of how structured we make our timetables and responsibilities; if we’re not fulfilled, we eventually come up against that “busy” feeling, a sense…

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Reinforce your relationships!

I attended an awesome talk this morning given by Andrew and Sarah Shoesmith from Peterhouse on the importance of outdoors experiences on our children’s development.  They spoke about the character traits that these experiences inspire in our children – trustworthiness, fortitude, temperance, respect, grit, empathy and the like.  Traits that are more and more lacking…

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Where do you start on a Monday?

How about starting with a thought that inspires your week?  As Leaders, it matters how we go forward.  It matters who we are to the people on our teams this week; to the people that we come into contact with during our adventures.   Think back to your BEST and your WORST teacher at school… What was…

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