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Archive for May 2019

Closing the Loop Is Your Responsibility

Effective communication is something we all assume we’re doing when we’ve explained our point of view to the degree we’d need to hear it in order to understand.  Unfortunately, we all see the world more differently than you’d think, and often, we drop the ball without meaning to because we haven’t taken full responsibility for…

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Time to Check Your Track and Recalibrate

The end of May seems to be rushing towards us at a rapid rate of knots, and the end of the second quarter of 2019 is now more relevant than the first!  Time goes quickly when you’re having fun.  Wink, wink; raised eyebrow.  “Fun?!”, you say? We’re far enough through the year to have encountered…

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Shake Your Head, Your Eyes Are Stuck

“Shake your head, your eyes are stuck” was the family comment made whenever I got that glazed, over-tired look or fixated on something for too long.  It’s what my Mother would describe as “staring into middle distance”.  We’ve all experienced it – those moments where you zone out for a bit because your brain needs…

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