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Just as nature goes through her seasons, so do we, and so do our businesses and endeavours.  There are different seasons for different things, and realizing this means we can take advantage of each season as it comes, even if we can’t always dictate the season itself. Winter Winter can sometimes feel like the harshest…

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Q4 – The Power of Observation

Henry Ford said “It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste”, and there could not be any better time than now to observe yourself, your team and your business.  Q4, the fourth quarter of the year, is an interesting time regardless of what it holds for you. …

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Leaderful Culture & Clarity

This quote is one I saved many moons ago, which I think should be attributed to Danny Silk, but I’ve been unable to verify that. It talks about how leaders create the culture in their team, and how that culture needs to encourage a safe space for two way communication.  Seldom do we pay attention to…

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Leadership Through Uncertainty

We’ve had an interesting week in Zimbabwe with fiscal policies announced that have far reaching implications as well as short term fall out.  It’s been hard to deal with the immediate chaos, let alone assess what it may mean for our businesses and families over the next few months.  Coupled with fuel queues, the temperature…

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3 Simple Questions for Clarity and Precision

This week, we’ve been considering how to make what remains of 2018 strong and powerful.  At Making Teams Work, we’ve been running Q4 Assessments for various teams who are refocusing on using the next 3 months to wrap up the year and prepare a foundation for 2019.   We’ve asked pertinent questions that allow us…

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3 Great Q4 Questions To Ask

Here it is!  It’s here!  The first day of Q4 – the last quarter of 2018.  It sneaks in like any other Monday….and before you know it, it’ll be Friday again.  And then November.  And then we’ll be talking about that illusive December shutdown that promises to punctuate the end of the year and give…

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