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Archive for July 2019

6 Core Human Needs – The Bottom Line

We’ve examined the 6 Core Human Needs that drive us all over the past few weeks and worked our way through each one of them.  These needs are universal and meeting them governs all our decisions and behaviours – sometimes not so positively.  What makes us all unique is how we weight or prioritise these…

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#6 – The Need For Contribution

And so we come to the 6th and final week of our series on The 6 Core Human Needs.  We’ve had a close look at the deep seated human need for Certainty, Uncertainty (or security), Significance, Love & Connection, and Growth – and we’ve examined how meeting these needs governs every decision we make.  We’ve…

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#5 – The Need For Growth

Welcome to Week 5 of our series on the 6 Core Human Needs – the needs we all share that drive our decision making and behaviour.  So far, we’ve discussed the need for Certainty, UNcertainty, Significance, and Love & Connection.  If you missed any of them, you can click on the links to find the…

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#4 – The Need For Love & Connection

We’re more than halfway through our series on the 6 Core Human Needs and I hope you’ve been able to use these articles to examine your own needs, as well as looking at how these needs show up in other people.  Meeting these 6 Core Needs is at the heart of every decision we make,…

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#3 – The Need For Significance

Welcome to Week 3 of our series on the 6 Core Human Needs – the human needs we all share the need for, which govern every decision we make, and which are responsible for some fairly interesting behaviour when they’re not being met!  The first two needs were Certainty, and UNcertainty – and if you…

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