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Archive for October 2019

The Generational Gap – Gaining Perspective

Last week, we started talking about the fact that, for the first time in history, we have 5 generations in the workplace.  Each generation has come through a different life experience and therefore views life, work, decision making, ethics, you name it, with a slightly different perspective.  To a degree, we can generalise about the…

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Working Together – The Generational Gap

My focus today is at the intersection of three of my favourite subjects: change, perspective, and the unique strengths we all bring to the table. Change is no longer something that happens.  It’s something that’s happen-ING… and one of the biggest changes happening in our teams currently is the dynamic between managers and their teams…

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Finding Balance Before We Explode

I’m often asked two questions about these Monday articles – how I decide what to write about, and when I write it.  Sometimes what I write about is a series of relevant thoughts or topics, but mostly, I write about what’s come up within the teams I’m working with or what seems repeatedly current enough…

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Are You Ready For The Q4 Speed-Up?

It’s here!  October.  The last remaining quarter of 2019.  I find that both a scary and exciting prospect all at the same time, and I’ve felt that enough times to know that the year speeds up from here.  Soon, there will be Christmas decorations and carols in the supermarket.  We’ll be barrelling towards work shutdown…

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