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Archive for February 2019

The Back Foot – And How Not To Stay There

Last week we spoke about our ego – our very human tendency to look after Number 1.  We talked about how to tell when our ego has been activated and acknowledge the physiological response we have when adrenaline is coursing through our bodies, how it ruins our chances at teamwork and what to do about…

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For Us or Against Us?

There is one massive problem with achieving teamwork and that’s our human inclination to look after Number One. We all have an ego, and our ego has one distinct and very important job – to protect us.  It sits there all day looking for moments when we might be under threat and activating our fight…

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Does It Matter Who People Think I Am?

I’ve been asked this question both by my child and by my corporate teams this week and I believe it’s one we ask ourselves every day.  I believe the answer is directly connected to how effective we can be as a human contribution, so let’s unpack it a little. My 12-nearly-13-year-old son is into week 4…

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Are You Leaving Too Many Blanks?

Let’s talk this week about clarity, and dissemination of information.  If there’s one ultimate destination for communication and unity of spirit, it’s clarity.  If there’s one way to get there, it’s paying attention to what information you disseminate and how you do so. Lack of clarity results in so many things.  It means your team…

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