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The Generational Gap – Gaining Perspective

Last week, we started talking about the fact that, for the first time in history, we have 5 generations in the workplace.  Each generation has come through a different life experience and therefore views life, work, decision making, ethics, you name it, with a slightly different perspective.  To a degree, we can generalise about the…

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#5 The Challenges of Leadership – Guiding Change

We’ve come to the 5th Leadership Challenge in our 6 part series – the challenge of Guiding Change.  According to William A. Gentry, Regina H. Eckert, Sarah A. Stawiski, and Sophia Zhao’s whitepaper on the subject, guiding change is described as managing, mobilizing, understanding, and leading change.  It includes knowing how to mitigate consequences, overcome…

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6 Core Human Needs – The Bottom Line

We’ve examined the 6 Core Human Needs that drive us all over the past few weeks and worked our way through each one of them.  These needs are universal and meeting them governs all our decisions and behaviours – sometimes not so positively.  What makes us all unique is how we weight or prioritise these…

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#1 – Certainty (The First in a Series of Needs)

If you’ve read any number of my previous articles, you’ll know that I’m convinced that Perspective, Awareness and Clarity are the keys to successful communication (and therefore business and relationships).  The power of perspective cannot be underestimated and I hope to add to yours today.  I also write much about the fact that our individual…

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Cogs – Where the Hard Stuff & Soft Stuff Meet

When it comes to leading a team, it can be hard to figure out what to prioritise.  The bottom line tells us we should prioritise processes, profits, the facts and deadlines of any given situation.  After all, these are the tangibles that drive us on a daily basis, that we measure our success in business…

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GRATITUDE – Occasionally, (Often), We Just Need to Pause

It’s Easter Monday, and around the world Christians are celebrating the resurrection of Christ.  This Easter Monday, I feel a powerful sense of gratitude, and I’m driven to sit in that and write about it for a bit.  I’m blessed to have enough diversity in my family and friends to know that spiritual gratitude comes in…

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Whether You Win or Lose, Lead or Follow, Be Humble.

I’ve spent many hours over the last weeks talking with corporate teams about the values we aspire to and agree on within those teams – the values that form our team culture and that strengthen our ability to work together and be successful.  These agreed upon team values are the foundation of how we treat…

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Diversity – The Key and The Crux

Diversity is the both the source of some of humanity’s greatest strengths and greatest frustrations.  We’ve seen horrendous demonstrations of some people’s fight against diversity this last week in truly disappointing human fashion.  Our differences are both what strengthen us and what scare us.  They divide, and they bring us together.  Each of us has…

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The Back Foot – And How Not To Stay There

Last week we spoke about our ego – our very human tendency to look after Number 1.  We talked about how to tell when our ego has been activated and acknowledge the physiological response we have when adrenaline is coursing through our bodies, how it ruins our chances at teamwork and what to do about…

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