Finding Instant Unity

It’s always been a central belief of mine that focusing on what draws us together is key to building a powerful team.  As soon as you put two or more people together, each brings their viewpoint, perspective, beliefs, values, life experiences etc to the table.  As primal beings, we’re programmed to look for threats, and therefore are quick to assess how others are different to us.  This is a great source of division.  To the degree that we can advance our thinking past this protective outlook and regard each other with curiosity rather than fear, we can look instead for what binds us together.  Where do our commonalities lie?  What values and beliefs do we have in common?  What are our common goals?  What are we prepared to stand for?
In these commonalities and overlaps lie our greatest strengths as a partnership, as a team, as a community, as a country.
I have founded my life choices and business on the belief that people who understand and trust each other produce powerful outcomes.  We do not have to agree with each other.  We do not have to be the same.  If fact, it is imperative to the breadth of our perspective that the outlooks we bring together are diverse.  When we work to find our common ground rather than our differences, then we can understand and appreciate why we each operate the way we do.  We can give each other the leeway to use our autonomy.  We can aim at common outcomes with trust that we intend the same things, no matter how we choose to get there.  We can create powerful outcomes together, where others are mired in their division and differences.
It’s for this reason that our most powerful and foundational conversations are always centred around that which binds us together.  Whenever we are destabilised or uncertain, reminding ourselves what we agree on and believe in is a sure-fire way to create stability and somewhere to push off from again.  THIS is why we discuss our values.  THIS is why we determine core values for our partnerships, relationships, teams, businesses etc.
One of the most powerful positives of the Southern African life I’ve lived is that adversity tends to raise us as strong, resilient and capable people.  Most of us have lived through one or more event that has caused us instant clarity on what is important to us.  Whether that has been the loss of a loved one; a coup, riot or other potentially life threatening unrest; or whether it’s just the hardship we see around us on a daily basis, we’re face to face with survival often. When we live through these kinds of experiences, the fog of less important concerns and differences dissipates, and people unite with a sense of purpose that is powerful in the extreme.  In an instant, they discover what binds them together.
This kind of powerful connection and forward propulsion is available to all of us every day when we choose to examine, renew and prioritise that which binds us together.  When we find our common ground, agree on what we’re prepared to fight for, and allow what matters less to fall away, we channel our energy with clarity and definition in a combined and powerful direction.
In my opinion, this is a position worth examining often.  It is one worth claiming and protecting, refusing to allow it to become clouded by comfort zones.  This kind of powerful unity shouldn’t be something that fades as we relax into complacency and division, challenged by the messiness of the world around us.  It shouldn’t be something that is only brought into focus when we’re under fire.
Start a conversation this week with YOUR people.  Discuss what each holds most dear.  Find the overlaps.  Celebrate them.  Prioritise them.  Allow them to inform who you are as a team.  Allow them to create understanding, trust and powerful outcomes.  Allow that common ground to fuel your drive, decisions and direction.  Communicate it.  Stand for it.  Guard it, and don’t allow that clarity to fade.

by Christen Killick

August 29th, 2022

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