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Archive for January 2019

Who Comes Out of Your Mouth When You Speak?

I was reminded this week, by numerous sources, how important it is to evaluate who comes out of our mouths when we speak.  How valuable our ability to speak and communicate effectively with one another is. Paul J. Meyer describes communication as “the human connection” and labels it “the key to personal and career success”. …

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What To Do When Your Brain Explodes

Last week I wrote about the value of being human, but not forgetting that you have a team to draw on.  If you missed that, you can read it here.  Remembering that you have a team to draw on requires that we make a conscious decision to do so, and yet I speak daily to…

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Be Human – But Remember Your TEAM!

2019 is now well underway and, in my article last week, I asked you to decide how this year was going to go for you:  Who you were going to present yourself as, and how you were going to lead.  Life tends to dump us in the deep end, and as many resolutions and plans…

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2019 – How Have You Decided It Will Go?

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019!  I hope you managed to get some mental downtime over the holiday, spend some time with family, recharge.  A new chapter lies ahead with 365 chances to write another part to it and I’m excited to begin! No doubt, 2019 has much in store, so before we get…

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