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Archive for March 2019

Diversity – The Key and The Crux

Diversity is the both the source of some of humanity’s greatest strengths and greatest frustrations.  We’ve seen horrendous demonstrations of some people’s fight against diversity this last week in truly disappointing human fashion.  Our differences are both what strengthen us and what scare us.  They divide, and they bring us together.  Each of us has…

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The Power of Imperfect Leadership

We’ve spoken in past weeks about the effect of ego on our ability to lead, or to be an effective human contribution at all.  Because our egos are so present, we live in a culture where mistakes are constantly pointed out as weakness we must avoid or defend when, in fact, they are vitally necessary…

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The Courage To Ask Relationship-Building Questions

In the last article, I spoke about Ego (the monkey on our shoulder) and how its quest to protect us prevents us from being able to team up well with other people.  Today, I’d like to talk about overcoming that, and finding the courage to ask relationship-building questions. Relationship-building questions are those that invite the…

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