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Archive for June 2019

#2 – UNcertainty

Last week, we started a series on the 6 Core Human Needs that tie us all together as human beings.  These are the 6 Core needs that influence all our decisions and actions – the needs that, if unmet, can produce some rather interesting behaviour in us all.  In the name of understanding how we…

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#1 – Certainty (The First in a Series of Needs)

If you’ve read any number of my previous articles, you’ll know that I’m convinced that Perspective, Awareness and Clarity are the keys to successful communication (and therefore business and relationships).  The power of perspective cannot be underestimated and I hope to add to yours today.  I also write much about the fact that our individual…

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The Value Exchange

EVERYTHING is a value exchange, and therefore understanding how value is exchanged is the key to successful communication, relationships and business.  I speak often about how fundamental perception is to our understanding of the world and each other, and Value Exchange is directly hooked up to perception. The most common and easily understood method of exchanging…

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Cogs – Where the Hard Stuff & Soft Stuff Meet

When it comes to leading a team, it can be hard to figure out what to prioritise.  The bottom line tells us we should prioritise processes, profits, the facts and deadlines of any given situation.  After all, these are the tangibles that drive us on a daily basis, that we measure our success in business…

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