Because It Is True For Them

This week, we’ve taken a look at Truth as our 4th step in our process to building a powerhouse team.

Every Friday, I find my thoughts starting to change over from the work front to family, so often the thoughts I have on a Friday can be applied to both arenas.  Truth is a non-negotiable for strong leadership because it’s the foundation of consistency and trust, and yet truth is a tricky thing because it’s often coloured by our own perspectives and subconscious agendas.


This Friday, I’d like to consider the statement “Because it is true for them”. 


Each of us has our own belief systems, and often they differ considerably from people that we’re surrounded by and even close to.  Our beliefs are constructed from our individual life experiences.  Because our beliefs are different doesn’t necessarily mean that one is wrong, and different people can hold different truths because of these differing beliefs systems.

I like to believe in the fundamental goodness of people.  I like to believe that we’re all made to work together towards a greater good.  And yet I’m aware of how wonderfully unique we all are.  There has GOT to be value in that – to be designed that way for a reason.

So this Friday, as you close the week and move into whatever this weekend holds, keep the statement “because it is true for them” in you head.  Allow yourself to accept what may be true for others, even if it challenges what is true for you.  If any two of us were the same, one of us wouldn’t be necessary.  Our differences can be challenging, and yet they’re beautiful.  Who else’s truth can you accept this weekend, because it is true for them?

by Christen Killick

September 14th, 2018

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