Are Your Intentions Snagging You Up?

I had supper with my ex-husband on Thursday – a pleasant way to check out a new dinner joint and discuss what we need to achieve for ourselves and our son over the next few months.  As I opened the front door to greet him, he said “Good evening, I’m here to pick up Christen.”  I frowned, donning what I hoped was a strict expression, and replied, “What are your intentions?”.  Our sense of humour has gotten us through many things!
Most of us have been asked in one or other context about our intentions.  Our intentions being the meaning and intended outcome that we set for the things we do.  But, how many of us ask ourselves what our intentions are when we set out to achieve a goal, no matter how big or small?  How many of us realise that our intentions are what help to fuel everything we do?
We’ve reached that point in the year where there is enough remaining to make use of, but enough past to require a rechecking of our route, aim and intended outcomes.  We’ve expended some energy and need to be intentional about where we apply the energy that remains in us. 
Intention and energy are very closely linked.  Being aware of and activating our intentions allows us to hook meaning and emotional energy up to the physical energy required to achieve something.  Whether we realise it or not, it’s the underlying energy of our intentions that we communicate, and not giving credence to that can leave us wondering what happened when we don’t reach what we set out to do.
Last week, we spoke about swapping our shotgun for a sniper rifle when it comes to deciding how to get the best result from the last quarter of this year; positioning ourselves most powerfully for 2021 and squeezing the most out of our remaining energy with discernment.  When you reset your goals for the remainder of the year, make sure you reset your intentions too.
The energy behind wanting to add the most value possible is a very different energy to only being concerned about outdoing your competition.  The energy behind wanting to ensure each team member (at work or at home) is encouraged to drive towards clear Q4 goals that will allow them each a sense of achievement as well as a combined team action, is very different from the energy behind realising you have a short time left to reach your targets.
Making sure your intentions hold the right energy to carry you through is going to be make or break.  It always is.  There are certain intentions that hold finite, short-term energy spend.  And then there are those that fuel long term results as the culmination of repeatedly targeted and responsible action. 
What are the intentions behind the goals you’ve set?  If the answer doesn’t inspire you and elevate your energy, then you’re going to need to reset and re-aim.  If the answer doesn’t entail personal growth, value added and the service of a greater good, then you may have your head down and your focus on a short-term outcome.  Short-term outcomes are fine, if they’re linked to the achievement of a longer-term result – and it’s the intention behind the longer-term result that should drive your short-term actions.  Look up.  Refocus.  How far do you need to go?
What is it you’re investing your energy in?  Are you clear about it, and have you examined what it truly means to you?  Is your intention growth and the best result for everyone?  Are you driving towards a long-term picture, or short-term gain?  Is the energy behind what you’re doing the correct energy to sustain the actions towards the outcome you desire?  Do your intentions inspire you?  If the energy feels flat, reconsider and re-aim your intentions.

by Christen Killick

October 12th, 2020

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