Step 5 – Team

And so we’ve arrived!  Step 5.  The last step in our 5-Step Process to Building a Powerhouse Team.  If you’ve missed the previous steps, or are new to our community, you can read up on the previous 4 steps in the articles section, or by following the links of each step below:




Team is the final step in this process – the one we’ve been striving for and working towards.  A Powerhouse Team where the cogs turn smoothly greased by effective communication, connection to each other and to the vision of the business, and inspired by the energy of personal and corporate growth.  A team who exist in a space governed by an agreed upon culture and common values.  A team who feel safe enough to openly discuss their issues and won’t allow those issues to snag up their operations.  A team who no longer require managing and who are becoming leaders themselves.  A team who innovate and act with autonomy that power your business to levels you only previously dreamed of.

And so we stop.  We breath.  We rest…

What?!  Um, NO.  

“TEAM” is not a destination.  Team is an achievement.  It’s somewhere many businesses never get and where only the successful stay.  So what now?  Now, we care for that team and our business by making the 5 Steps cyclical.  We start again at Step 1 (Communication) and we consistently nurture our team by continuing to check on each step. 


1. Communicate

Continue to nurture the communication within your team not only with whatever means of accountability you’ve agreed on, but on a daily basis to check in.  Ask “What are you working on?”.  Ask “How can I help you?”.  Continue to create a safe space for your team to communicate their needs and their stories.  Communicate your values within the team by keeping them present in your discussions.  Discuss how you will action your values so that your clients will see them.


2. Connect

Remember that people want to be a part of something and want to feel significant.  Continue to connect with your team members and what’s going on with them.  Nurture the connection between team members by creating conversations that allow them to know each other better.  Set them up to work whose strengths are complimentary to theirs – because that’s what teams are for – so that our strengths cover each other’s weaknesses.  Keep your team connected to the Vision for your business to remind them where they are heading for, and with the annual goals to make sure they know where to aim.


3. Growth

Continuously check up on the growth plan for your business.  How far has it got?  Who’s responsible for which parts and what snags are they facing in making it happen?  How can you work together and increase the energy within the team?  And how are the personal growth plans of each team member going?  Have you celebrated the wins for your business and your team members?  Because even small wins deserve acknowledgement!


4. Truth

Are you continuing to nurture a safe place where your team can speak openly about the challenges facing them so that you can address these challenges before they stop the flow of growth?  Can you support each other and allow free flow of information and ideas?  Are your team encouraged to talk about their failures and what they’ve learned from solving the hiccups they’ve encountered?  Are you encouraging them to constantly feed back into the growth possibilities for the team and the business, and are you willing to address hard truths when they surface?  Because they will…  When you create space for them and keep your eyes open, you create a space of blossoming energy that’s primed to support growth.

Standby for more leadership and team inspiration coming your way to help you feed this cycle!

by Christen Killick

September 17th, 2018

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