Leading with clarity from a solid foundation

I don’t know about you, but my brain is never more productive and driven than at 3am on a Monday morning.  (Eye roll).  Whether that’s when it clicks over into the coming week, or whether that’s the only time it’s quiet enough in there for the important thoughts to come through, I’m not sure.  For whatever reason, thoughts seem crystal clear at 3am on a Monday morning.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we had those moments during the week?  At pertinent times when we’re under pressure or on the spot?  Moments when we can speak with clarity, and the road ahead seems clear and unobstructed.

Unfortunately, life gets involved and there are 101 things that require our attention and juggling.  The path doesn’t always seem clear and it certainly isn’t unobstructed.  So how do we obtain that clarity, productivity and drive when it counts?

We do this by making sure our foundation is solid.  By building it solidly in the first place if we’re just starting out, or by fine tuning and bolstering it if we’re already in operation but need to consider growth.  Growth without a solid foundation – no matter what we’re talking about – is risky business.

As leaders of any kind, there is a constant call on us to show the way with sureness of step.  Others rely on us to do so.  Whether this is our significant other, our children, our co-workers or our team.  Sometimes life feels like going into battle – our troops expect us to be ready and definite; and we expect them to be likewise.

A leader must juggle many things:

  • Developing the effectiveness required in their team to be steadfast – the mental reasoning that managerial effectiveness demands.
  • Inspiring others not only to follow the plan, but to operate on a level that is smarter and more satisfying for all.
  • Developing the troops by displaying and offering leadership skills for those troops to draw on.
  • Leading in a way that builds the strength and pride of the team, supports them in their growth and creates the relationships that provide cohesion.
  • Guiding change in a way that instills confidence – because nothing grows in a comfort zone, and change is scary.
  • Managing relationships and expectations of the various stakeholders involved.

How do we do all things, be all things to all people, AND make sure our foundation is rock solid enough to support our forward movement?

We’re going to discuss this on Tuesday 17th of July.  We’re going to delve into The 6 Most Common Leadership Challenges and look at how to solve them.  We’re going to look at what constitutes a solid foundation so that you can decide whether you’ve got one.  And we’re going to do all this in an online webinar so that you can join the discussion no matter where you happen to be.  Click here for more information, and solidify your foundation for growth.

by Christen Killick

July 9th 2018

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