Managing Monday.

Where to start?

With any luck, you were able to take a breath over the weekend – to do at least something that recharges you and allows you to order your brain.  My Mother has a Garfield fridge magnet that says “Monday coming. Abort! Abort!”, and I know that going into the next week can certainly feel that way.  Just noting the date at the moment and realising that we’re more than half way through the year can be enough to make your brain do a little speed wobble.

So how do we Manage Monday?  How do we set out intention and our energy to conquer the coming week?  Wouldn’t it be nice to not only “manage” this week, but feel a sense of achievement at the end of it?  Fulfilment even?  Fulfilment comes from embracing the things we CAN control.  Overwhelm comes from trying to control the things we can’t…

The very first thing that we can manage (often the only thing) is ourselves.  We can manage our reactions (responses preferably).  We can manage how we choose to go forth and how we interact with others.  We can manage our character.  In the ever changing world we live in where the goal posts for the year have moved by Wednesday, and just driving to work can trigger a wave of resentful energy, would’t it be something to get to the end of the week knowing you managed yourself with good character?  That, at least, is something I feel I could aim for – regardless of what else this week brings!

Breath.  Set your intention.  Onward and upward!  Bring it on!

by Christen Killick

25th June 2018

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