Going fast, or going far – finding the balance:

As leaders of a team, it can be hard to find the balance between wanting to go fast and wanting to go far.  We have teams to support the process, to divide up the responsibilities and to add to the outcome – and yet we risk spending so much time managing those teams that we have no time or energy left to LEAD.

I believe we are all gifted with a unique set of strengths that allow us to fulfil our purpose.  Focused use of these strengths results in powerful outcomes that provided growth and satisfaction for all involved.  And yet, we seem to have little time to make that kind of result and feeling happen.

Ideally, the members of our team should fit together seamlessly like cogs – each helping to power the other.  The intention is that these cogs turn almost effortlessly in a well-oiled fashion, building speed and generating their own reciprocal energy. The reality is that every day we’re faced with obstacles, communication problems or human inefficiencies that snag up the easy turning of these cogs.  These inefficiencies require managing – enter the Team Leader.

Removing ourselves from this vicious cycle so that we can effectively LEAD instead of MANAGE takes intentional action and planning.

At Making Teams Work, we help business leaders create the conversations and clarity that allow their teams to self-manage, and the leaders to focus their energy on growth, transformation, self-actualisation, and improving your bottom line. 

We’d like to help you achieve that by offering you a FREE 45 minute Strategy Session.

Find out whether what we do is a match for what you need.  If you’d like to stand in the strengths that make you a leader, allow us to help you turn your team into a supportive, self-managing powerhouse!

Contact us on christen@makingteamswork.co to book your session now.

by Christen Killick
19th of June 2018

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