Are you feeling TGIF?

If you’re feeling TGIF (Thank goodness it’s Friday), then perhaps you need to consider your strengths, purpose and fulfilment over the weekend.

Regardless of the facts and data we live by; regardless of how structured we make our timetables and responsibilities; if we’re not fulfilled, we eventually come up against that “busy” feeling, a sense of dissatisfaction or flat out frustration – and eventually, mental and physical burnout.  We need to ask ourselves (preferably before we get there) some serious questions about how we choose to run our lives (and the teams that support us – both at work and at home).

Are you standing in the strengths that made you a leader in the first place?  Are your team members standing in their strengths? 

People who work from their strengths and purpose do so with power and energy few others can find.  Allow that energy to flow by assessing the use of your strengths and those of your team members.  We all need to feel fulfilled.  If you’re not feeling fulfilled and if the cogs of your life aren’t turning in a well-oiled fashion….you may want to consider what your strengths are and how best to make use of them.  From these flow our best energy.

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by Christen Killick

22nd June 2018

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