Feedback from Fabulous Clients!

Feedback is as important to us as it is to you and your team. It allows us to know how we're doing. We're lucky to have some superb clients - people just like you.

Here's what they have to say:

Takudzwa Musonza

Zimnat Asset Management

Head of Finance

"Very relevant! I would recommend any group of executives to participate."


Norman Chifamba

Zimnat Financial Services

General Manager

"Communication can make or break an organisation and it is a critical practice that every organisation should embrace."

Rumbi Chinwada

Zimnat Lion

Head of Technical

"This gave me new perspective on the word 'Communication'. It made me realise that I underestimate the process. This is the foundation for me."

Bull Red Distribution logo

Simbarashe Makamure

Bullred Distribution

Finance Manager

"This was very enlightening and showed me a different perspective on communication. It has shown me how crucial and precise communication should be and what we as a management team need to do to communicate better and ensure the company's survival."

Cold Tea Logo

Nicole Burchell

Cold Tea

"Christen gave me the confidence I had lost to trust my instincts again. I realised almost instantly that relating to people and being relatable is the beginning of successful communication."

Find It Fast logo

Nisha Morar


"This is so valuable that I believe everyone and anyone would benefit from it. My perception is definitely changed for the better and I now have some very important tools which I want to be part of my personality! If you find value in TEDtalks, this is for you!"

Arundel School Logo

Pauline Makoni

Headmistress of Arundel School

"A refreshing take on an age-old topic, and relevant to anyone for whom normal management structures may not be something with which they are familiar. It affirms that all organisations have similarities, therefore learning in one area has relevance in others. This is not the normal 'management speak'."

Carol Reed

Head of Academics, Ruzawi School

"Practical advice that's easy to implement, and the parallel analogies of flight crews is brilliant!" 

Greg Mhindu

Ruzawi Junior Master

"You've highlighted communication problems that I wasn't even aware I had and given me a platform to work on those towards becoming a better communicator in business AND in life!"


Kayla King

Ruzawi Junior Mistress

"This has opened my eyes to see how important communication is with people and why people are the way they are!"

Trisha Nathoo

Ruzawi Matron

"I'd initially hoped to gain a better understanding of how to communicate with others, and you've significantly enabled me to recognise how much I can positively control the communication process through my actions and behaviour.  Thank you!"

SkinSpa-Logo_Retina-WEb small

Norah Jena

The Skin Spa

"One of the most enlightening and empowering courses of my career!"

SkinSpa-Logo_Retina-WEb small

Teekay Mahleka

The Skin Spa

"Opened up my mind to the fact that communication is not about reaching an agreement but rather, an understanding. This point alone changes the dynamics entirely."

St Johns college-emblem

Bill Annandale

Former St John's College Headmaster and Non Executive Director of CBZ Holdings Limited

"Leadership is far more complex than assumed. A course like this should be part of every leader's evolution in a changing and challenging environment. This is a global topic, not just a local one, as the world is more connected now than ever."


Tracey Heelas

Feather Comfort

"Thought provoking. Intriguing. ESSENTIAL! I've come away a-buzz with ideas I can't wait to implement!"

Find It Fast logo

Tinaye Tagwikeyi

FIF Digital Marketing

"I learnt so much and I feel if I continuously use the tools, I will be a much better person when relating to family, friends and colleagues."

Delicia Moraleda

Principal, Garden Road Montessori Preschool,  Joburg, RSA

"Leading my team through this course myself meant we grew in understanding and respect for each other as we progressed, and I learned about myself as a leader. The length of the course meant our ability to discuss and share ideas just kept building. It was good to have everyone talk and not just me! My team are taking much more initiative now especially in communicating effectively with each other which makes me more relaxed. I learned who's interested in professional development and who isn't, allowing me to meet them where they are. The personality test helped me distribute duties based on their strengths, not just their job descriptions and everyone is happier with that! I'd definitely take on a course in this format again!"

6 Week Online Course - Upping the Energy

for Leaders and their Teams

Louise Huisamen

Owner, Madison Manor Boutique Hotel, Knysna, RSA

"This course has been of immense value to our team. It allowed us to sit and get to know each other, appreciate what part each of us play and how we all contribute to the grand total. We learnt things about ourselves - What am I capable of? What am I passionate about? What's my potential? We learned not to box ourselves into a specific picture - you can become the picture you paint! We loved the sessions together as a team. Being able to laugh and joke, to watch each other's "Ah-ha" moments, and to interact on a deeper level than we had done previously. It's been a depolarising experience for us as a team. From being separate links, we've become a chain!"