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Stress builds up and can take over our brains and our ability to function effectively.  Stress is also something uniquely different for all of us, and therefore, it's down to each of us to manage ourselves.  At this awareness-building, decompressing workshop, we'll be discussing:

Take a proactive approach to understanding and managing stress. Come on your own, bring a friend, or come as a team. Help us support Nelson Tasman Hospice.
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Held at:
Nelson Tasman Hospice, 331 Suffolk Road, Stoke
Choose from:
Monday 13th May 10:30am-12:45pm
Wednesday 22nd May 2-4:45pm
Tuesday 28th May 5-7:15pm
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Change can be hard to navigate, regardless of what it's caused by and whether it's positive or negative. The past few years have brought nothing BUT change. We're all learning to handle the new normal in new and different ways.

For many, a degree of certainty from which to create flow is difficult to find. For some, knowing how to move forward at all is paralysing.

Sometimes, we just need to recalibrate and recenter. Let's talk about where to draw certainty from and how to assess our direction and decisions.

If you're unable to get your team in a room together, but you'd still like to get them thinking together, this webinar is available online.


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Upping The Energy

UPPING THE ENERGY - The Renewal of Team

(2 DAY WORKSHOP, or 5 x 2hr team sessions as part of a team program)

This program is designed as a fun and rejuvenating shot to refresh the connection within your team and start conversations that need to be had so that team members can "see" each other and what they're driving towards.  Without energy, understanding of our team members, responsibility and direction, the going can be very hard indeed.  There are many things that sap our energy and snag up our thinking over time and all teams could use a reset occasionally.  Upping The Energy is designed to do exactly that.  Re-energise.  Re-connect.  Re-align.  
  •  Re-energise the energy and communication within your team
  •  Reconnect your team to each other and to their purpose
  •  Build awareness of your team's communication and culture
  •  Refocus on what sets your team and business apart
Regroup. Reset. Relaunch.

REGROUP. RESET. RENEW - Team Goal Alignment Process

(5 Week Process followed by 3 monthly support sessions)

Like the compass of an aircraft needs recalibrating occasionally, so does the direction of our team.  This goal alignment process is designed to refresh the focus of the team, energise their departmental goals, and realign their drive towards business elevation.
  •  Re-group to discuss the direction to aim at
  •  Reset the departmental goals and team connection
  •  Relaunch a new process of accountability and alignment

This 5 week program is followed up with the facilitation of 3 monthly goal update meetings to help you hone the habit.

The Leading Edge

THE LEADING EDGE - Team Alignment

Occasionally, our teams need a reboot.  Whether what's required is a new energy, a renewed direction, or both - achieving this from within can be nearly impossible.  The Leading Edge Program reconnects your team to each other and to what's important to your business, and then connects that renewed energy to your goals and strategy.
  •  Reconnect your team to each other and to their purpose
  •  Build awareness of your team's communication and culture
  •  Refocus on what sets your team and business apart
  •  Recalibrate your way forward
  •  Clarify your goals and strategy
  •  Define responsibilities, timelines and accountability

This is a program to re-inject energy, break down silo mentality and regroup for a powerful push forward.  This program is ideal for businesses needing rejuvenation or change management; businesses who have merged different teams together or partnered with other entities; businesses brave enough to push through the uncertainty towards clarity and the powerful growth it entails.

Delivered in 3 Phases, this program ensures that the change you wish to implement is fully supported.
Phase 1 take your team through an in-depth look at why Communication & Culture are so foundational and how they keep us from achieving the most awesome of strategies.  
Phase 2 takes a renewed look at the direction and goals of the business and the value system with which it operates, aligning principles and practises and powerfully solidifying the base from which you operate.
Phase 3 aligns the business goals and strategy to the team, making sure that each member has perspective and understanding of their part in it and their effect on the whole.  Timelines and accountability are locked down for maximum clarity and monitoring of progress.

LEGACY - Establishing Leadership Heritage

LEGACY is our crowning program aimed at leaders who create leaders.  This program combines The Leading Edge's renewed energy, structure, cohesion and direction, with an extended program of leadership creation and fortification.  If you'd like to solidify a succession plan, or are looking to bolster your team and business for the ultimate next level, then LEGACY is for you.
  •  Reconnect your team to each other and to their purpose
  •  Build awareness of your team's communication and culture
  •  Refocus on what sets your team and business apart
  •  Recalibrate your way forward
  •  Clarify your goals and strategy
  •  Define responsibilities, timelines and accountability
  •  Feed and strengthen leadership development to ensure a solid foundation for stability and growth

This program includes the 3 Phases described in The Leading Edge as well as a tailor-made approach to strengthen and solidify the leadership and dissemination thereof within your business.  Fortifying your foundation as well as mapping an extended journey forward, LEGACY is about the combination of strong heritage and strong futures.

If you'd like to find out more about our programs, the timelines, costs, what's entailed and how they can serve you, please contact us with your queries below.

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Do you want to create some energy in your team, get them on the same page, and transform them into a powerhouse that will help you make your business successful??

Making a team work requires two initial things:

1. The generation of energy

2. The directing of that energy


THAT's what we do at Making Teams Work - generate and direct energy within teams.


Whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up and redirect, or a more significant challenge to your current energy and habits, we have something to meet your needs from a new angle.

Increase energy and drive. Encourage discussion. Grow connection between team mates. Align your team with your business. Gain new insight to help you nurture your connection with your clients.


We facilitate Team Building exercises, Corporate Breakaways and add to your seminars specific to the requirements of your team.  Please contact us on to make a direct request, or click on the button below to tell us more about your team.

The Leading Edge

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