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Leadership That Creates Energy

By Christen Killick | Mar 28, 2022 |

Leadership is neither a destination nor a finite skill set.  It is a constantly developing journey of awareness and elevation.  Some choose leadership and others arrive there without realising the role they had agreed to would require them to lead.  Even those who choose it are seldom fully prepared for where it takes them.  Leadership,…

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Rebalancing Happiness & Fulfilment

By Christen Killick | Mar 21, 2022 |

Two years ago, we entered a fascinating time in human history.  Over the past two years, almost everything we thought we knew for certain, had planned to do, or considered normal has been challenged.  There has, and continues to be plenty of change and challenge, mixed with the uncertainty of never quite being able to…

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Who Decides Whether Leadership Is Successful?

By Christen Killick | Mar 16, 2022 |

World leadership styles have given me much to consider over the past few years.  Increasingly so in the past few weeks.  I’ve observed multiple varied demonstrations of leadership and peoples’ response to it, trying to strain out the lessons that we can apply to how we lead in our smaller “worlds”. In my mind, leadership on…

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Leadership Check – The Contrast Available

By Christen Killick | Mar 7, 2022 |

The last two years have presented a revolving carousel of world leaders who’ve been brought up close with change requiring unprecedented decisions.  Making daily decisions to protect the lives of many must be gruelling, and considering the effect those decisions have had on us all, it’s been a period of public judgement on a world…

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Your Authenticity Is a Gift

By Christen Killick | Feb 14, 2022 |

Authenticity is a quality we hear more and more about these days, and it’s become the gold standard for leadership.  Robert S. Kaplan, Professor of Leadership Development at the Harvard Business School says, “Authenticity is critical to leadership.  That means trying to be yourself – this involves some self-disclosure, admitting what you don’t know and…

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What Makes You Valuable?

By Christen Killick | Feb 7, 2022 |

What is it that makes you valuable as a human being?  What is it that makes you valuable as a teammate?  I use the word teammate in the broadest sense, applying it to work and home, to sports and friendships, to community and country.  What is it that makes you valuable as an individual –…

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The Strength In Our Differences

By Christen Killick | Jan 31, 2022 |

It’s part of our survival instinct as human beings to look for threats and defend ourselves against them.  Once upon a time, the part of our brain responsible for reacting to threats would have been on the alert for a sabre-toothed tiger.  Today, the same part of our brain responsible for our survival instincts still…

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Planning Where 2022 Will Take You

By Christen Killick | Jan 31, 2022 |

The first month of 2022 is behind us and it feels like it’s going at a rate of knots.  The rate of change and replanning of the past two years looks set to pervade this year too, asking us to reinvent our plans or lay them off multiple times over its course.  Change is a…

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Managing Our Personal Energy In 2022

By Christen Killick | Jan 17, 2022 |

Our current global circumstances make it very difficult to predict what the year ahead may be like in any way.  We don’t know what business trends will look like.  We don’t know whether children will stay in school or school online.  We don’t know what travel will look like, or when we’ll share time with…

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Owning & Addressing 2022

By Christen Killick | Jan 10, 2022 |

Normally, the start of a new year is heralded with renewed verve, new goals and a new drive towards higher levels than those achieved the previous year.  The question “where to from here” is posed to people rearing to go and requiring only to be pointed in the direction of what needs slaying. Whilst we have…

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