The majority of these articles are written by me about teamwork, communication, leadership and cohesion.

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Finding Instant Unity

By Christen Killick | Aug 31, 2022 |

It’s always been a central belief of mine that focusing on what draws us together is key to building a powerful team.  As soon as you put two or more people together, each brings their viewpoint, perspective, beliefs, values, life experiences etc to the table.  As primal beings, we’re programmed to look for threats, and…

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Regenerating Team Energy

By Christen Killick | Aug 30, 2022 |

In a 2021 YouTube video, Gerhard Papenfus, CEO of the National Employers Association of South Africa, urged employers not to make quick-fix or knee-jerk implementations in response to the Covid pandemic suggested regulations, and rather to look further down the line.  He asked, “Where will your culture be a year from now?”. It was a…

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When Soft Skills Become REAL Skills

By Christen Killick | Aug 23, 2022 |

All human beings have similar wants and needs.  We want honesty, respect, integrity, and trust.  We want to belong to something bigger than ourselves and to matter. The current state of global affairs and their effect on every level of our lives has exacerbated these needs, highlighting their deficit in our personal and professional lives.  When we…

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Honesty. Respect. Integrity. Trust.

By Christen Killick | Aug 15, 2022 |

All human beings have similar wants and needs.  We want honesty, respect, integrity, and trust.  These four are intricately linked together.  We want to belong to something bigger than ourselves and to matter. Wanting honesty, respect, integrity and trust is about wanting to live in an environment in which we feel safe.  It’s about wanting…

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Reset Your Energy & Your Course

By Christen Killick | Aug 1, 2022 |

Whenever you put two or more people together, a new culture is created between them.  Each person brings their beliefs, values and perspectives to the space they share, and those beliefs, values and perceptions overlap or differ to varying degrees.  As human beings, we’re wired for survival, and we’ve achieved that fairly solidly over the…

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Pause. Breathe. Reassess.

By Christen Killick | Jun 2, 2022 |

Occasionally, we just need to pause.    When we find ourselves with a churning or anxious mind, we need to pause.  When we feel overwhelmed or unsure, we need to pause.  When our nervous systems are caught in a state of fight or flight, constantly waiting for the next fire that needs extinguishing, we just need to…

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How Responsible Is TOO Responsible?

By Christen Killick | May 9, 2022 |

Responsibility is a spectrum – meaning there’s a line ranging from completely irresponsible all the way to destructive over-responsibility… and all of us are on it somewhere.  We all know that personal responsibility is something we start to learn early in life – brush your teeth, make your bed, represent yourself well, be nice to…

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Developing Safe Space for Difficult Conversations

By Christen Killick | Apr 11, 2022 |

Developing a safe space for difficult conversations is hard.  It doesn’t matter what the conversation is about, who’s involved, or whether you’re trying to have it at home, at work, or with a friend – we have an innate fear of being a part of difficult conversations because they are threatening, feel unsafe, and often…

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Balanced Self-Management

By Christen Killick | Apr 4, 2022 |

When was the last time you felt happy and successful?  What are the indicators for you that you’ve arrived there? The latest module of a parenting course I’m on suggests that every parent’s wish for their child to be happy and successful is often what creates children reliant on outside recognition to judge whether they’re…

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Leadership That Creates Energy

By Christen Killick | Mar 28, 2022 |

Leadership is neither a destination nor a finite skill set.  It is a constantly developing journey of awareness and elevation.  Some choose leadership and others arrive there without realising the role they had agreed to would require them to lead.  Even those who choose it are seldom fully prepared for where it takes them.  Leadership,…

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