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Courage Is Not Without Fear

By Christen Killick | Apr 27, 2020 |

I don’t know about you, but my tolerance levels have changed.  My willingness to take in certain things, mainly news and information sources, and my choices about how to process them are changing.  I think there is a certain level or capacity for fear and negativity which, once reached, the human spirit tends to turn…

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Keep Your Scan Going – Don’t Fixate

By Christen Killick | Apr 20, 2020 |

One of the first things pilots are taught when they start learning to operate an aircraft is to systematically take in all the information around them.  This starts with the physical approach to the aircraft and the observation of the surrounding environment.  A pre-flight check of the aircraft and her systems tells you how she’s…

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Are You Building A Better Train?

By Christen Killick | Apr 13, 2020 |

Today is Easter Monday, and Christians the world over are celebrating the resurrection of Christ – a rebirth into a new form, with new parameters and new understandings; the culmination of a walk of incredible hardship and personal journeying that also hugely affected the beliefs of a whole world moving forward.  Whilst I’m not going…

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However You’re Doing Right Now Is Just Fine

By Christen Killick | Apr 6, 2020 |

If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of right now, it’s opinions.  It’s interesting to watch a planet of people, near and far, handling this current chapter of ours the best way they know how.  Depending on whether you switch on the media to receive every theory as to how and why and when and…

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When Distance Meant Love & It Kept Us Alive

By Christen Killick | Mar 30, 2020 |

Well, fun times!  It really is like something out of a movie and occasionally it feels like Armageddon may be just around the corner.  Considering that my core business (not to mention what feeds my soul) is getting teams of people in a room together so that they can better “see” and communicate with each…

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March 2020 – Who Will You Be?

By Christen Killick | Mar 23, 2020 |

What do you write on a Monday morning in March 2020 when every next day is looking more and more like a twilight zone?  What perspective do you share when we’re going somewhere we’ve never been before and each next day looks like nothing we’ve ever experienced?  What do the three essentials of Perspective, Awareness…

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Draw A Line. Decide.

By Christen Killick | Mar 16, 2020 |

Decision making is one of the hardest things we have to do as humans.  Our decisions are often far more complex than those of nature and the animal kingdom, and we’re so much more capable of weighing those complexities, the various options and assessing the possible consequences.  “Analysis paralysis” is a real thing, and the…

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Mind Your Language

By Christen Killick | Mar 10, 2020 |

I’ve talked previously about how important it is for us to manage our energy, and that when we aren’t intentional about gathering, guarding and directing our energy it can leak. leaving us ineffective.  A few other things that have been fed into my perspective over the years and recently came together to add to this…

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Is What You’re Doing Working for You?

By Christen Killick | Mar 2, 2020 |

Agility.  Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily, or the ability to think and understand quickly.  Agility has become a buzz word when it comes to leadership and it’s one of the most sort after traits considering the speed of change in today’s world.  Being able to look at what’s in front of…

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ARE You Actually Winning and What’s It Costing You?

By Christen Killick | Feb 24, 2020 |

I’ve had the incredible privilege of spending the last three days (Friday to Sunday) on an intense Ann Wilson workshop in Capetown, South Africa, with another 200-odd humans willing to crack and stretch themselves towards further knowledge.  They’ve been an enlightening and challenging few days in the kind of space that prompts you to release…

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